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Children (Early Intervention)

At The Orthodontist, encourage parents to bring their children in for an early orthodontic consultation.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) recommends children have an orthodontic consultation around the age of seven. At this stage in a child’s development we can identify any potential orthodontic problems which may arise in the future. If they need to be treated then we can, otherwise we can monitor the growth of your child’s teeth and begin treatment at the optimal time.

Early Intervention - The untrained eye can’t always spot dental problems. That’s why your child needs early evaluation and treatment by an orthodontist. An early appointment can help prevent serious oral issues as your child grows and makes treatment easier.

We suggest bringing your child in for an early consultation so we can:

  • Assess the current alignment of their teeth and jaws
  • Alert you (the parent) to any issues you should be looking out for
  • Lessen the extent of orthodontic treatment which may be needed later
  • Give your child some top tips on how best to look after their teeth
  • Help your child become comfortable in an orthodontic clinic environment
  • Give your child the best start to oral health you can

Adolescent (Teen Orthodontics)

We encourage all teenagers to see our orthodontic team. This can be the best time to go through orthodontic treatment as all of the adult teeth have erupted but facial growth is still occurring.

As the dental structure is not yet fixed the teeth are still malleable. Often this stage is when orthodontic treatment can be most simple, comfortable and non-invasive.

We understand that this time can be a difficult time even without orthodontic treatment. This is why we will discuss treatment options in detail so they become part of the process and feel better about receiving orthodontics.

We endeavor to provide our teenage patients with options to ensure they can choose a treatment which can straighten their smile discreetly and effectively, as well as making them feel comfortable.

Invisalign – Straight teeth, no braces. Invisalign treatment is made up of a series of thin, clear plastic aligners that act to gradually move your teeth into place.

Braces – Our more traditional way of moving teeth. Have fun with different colours on your braces!

Ceramic Braces – It’s all about how they look! Because clear braces are made of a very fine, translucent porcelain they are less visible than metal braces.

During you initial consultation, we can talk you through the options available and discuss which treatment is best suited to your concerns, lifestyle and budget.

Adult Orthodontics

You are never too old to have teeth straightened! There are numerous different options: Invisalign, Ceramic Braces, Metal Braces.

We have a range of aesthetically-pleasing and lifestyle-friendly orthodontic options that can help you achieve the perfectly straight teeth you have always desired.

Best of all, our orthodontists can craft a beautiful smile that will help support the contours of your face and help you appear and feel youthful.