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Latest Technology

At The Orthodontist, we make a commitment to deliver the best possible orthodontic treatment and results to each of our Patients. To ensure we meet this commitment we use the latest techniques and technology, and that includes the iTero Digital Scanner.

The iTero Digital Scanner works in conjunction with Invisalign and is designed to take digital scans to help our specialist Orthodontist, Dr Con Laparidis, create the most accurate and precise treatment plan possible.

Using a combination of laser and optical scanning, the iTero Digital Scanner records the contours of a patient’s teeth and gums. This then enables us to see exactly how your teeth fit together and what is required to move them into a straighter position.

Benefits of the iTero Digital Scanner

See your smile come to life. We can use the iTero Digital Scanner to take scans of your teeth. You can watch the scan take place as we talk you through what we are seeing and what orthodontic problems may be presenting themselves.

Achieve accurate results. Previously to get an accurate model of your teeth, we needed to take impressions using messy orthodontic impression material. The iTero Digital Scanner does away with that making the process much quicker, easier and more comfortable for you. It also gets much better results from which we can have your Invisalign aligners made.